Developing Residential Units or Townhouses in Yarra Ranges?

Yarra Ranges Council has prepared residential development guidelines for multi-unit developments in the Yarra Ranges municipality to illustrate Council’s preferred options for the design of medium density housing such as villa units and townhouses, and to assist in the preparation of town planning applications.

The guidelines relate to site planning, building presentation to the street and neighbours, access, parking layout and landscaping preferences to satisfy Council town planning assessments.

The guidelines, produced and circulated to the local development and subdivision community in recent months, aim to provide technical guidance and direction to assist in achieving acceptable outcomes for medium density residential development in the […]

Town Planning 101: How can a Town Planner help me?

It’s amazing how often a new client at JCA Land Consultants will come to us about a project they are considering, and will ask “Do you think I’ll need a Town Planner?” Perhaps the fact that this question is normally only asked by first-time developers is an indication of how quickly most people learn about the value of experienced town planning advice!

As the name implies, Town Planners are professionals who work in the field of planning of cities, towns and regions, particularly in the management of private and commercial infrastructure to achieve the best long-term results for the owner and the community.

How […]

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