Yarra Ranges Council has prepared residential development guidelines for multi-unit developments in the Yarra Ranges municipality to illustrate Council’s preferred options for the design of medium density housing such as villa units and townhouses, and to assist in the preparation of town planning applications.

The guidelines relate to site planning, building presentation to the street and neighbours, access, parking layout and landscaping preferences to satisfy Council town planning assessments.

The guidelines, produced and circulated to the local development and subdivision community in recent months, aim to provide technical guidance and direction to assist in achieving acceptable outcomes for medium density residential development in the Shire.

The Council has also released Development Engineering Guidelines to guide engineering requirements for these residential developments, such as drainage, road/driveway design and stormwater management in the municipality.

Both of guidelines are on the Yarra Ranges Council website via the following links



The JCA Town Planning team, assisted by our engineers and land surveyors, have extensive experience working towards successful outcomes for planning applications for development and subdivision of residential property in Yarra Ranges for medium density housing.  Our team are abreast of any changes made by Council and are able to advise the client on how to achieve the most desirable outcome for the project and for council.

Contact us on (03) 9735 4888 or email us at townplanning@jcalc.com.au to discuss your proposal and see if our Town Planning staff can assist you in applying to Yarra Ranges to develop or subdivide your property.

Author – Julie Castieau 

Senior Town Planner at JCA