It’s amazing how often a new client at JCA Land Consultants will come to us about a project they are considering, and will ask “Do you think I’ll need a Town Planner?” Perhaps the fact that this question is normally only asked by first-time developers is an indication of how quickly most people learn about the value of experienced town planning advice!

As the name implies, Town Planners are professionals who work in the field of planning of cities, towns and regions, particularly in the management of private and commercial infrastructure to achieve the best long-term results for the owner and the community.

How can a Town Planner help me?

Here at JCA, we work on behalf of the developer or landowner to assess your development ideas, and to advise of the likelihood of success as well as the best ways to achieve your goal. Our town planning experts have years of experience in developing strategies and preparing reports to ensure you achieve the best outcome in your dealings with your local council. The team at JCA can make a real difference to your results, whether you are considering your new rural house, 2 units or subdividing your property.

Up-to-date knowledge and years of experience means that our team is well placed to advise you on the best ways to show local council that their town planning requirements are being met and addressed, as well as assisting you to justify your plans in situations where a variation to the applicable Planning Scheme may be required. JCA Land Consultants have a well-earned reputation for managing the entire town planning process from concepts through to council negotiations and eventual approval for the development and subdivisions.

When should I contact a Town Planner?

Many first-time developers make the mistake of leaving it too late to talk to a Town Planner. You can save yourself a great deal of time, money and stress if one of the first people you speak to when you first consider any type of development is a town planner. They will be able to advise whether your proposed development is likely to succeed, and what approach is most likely to improve your chances of success.

Importantly, if your development idea is going to need some work before it can achieve compliance and therefore approval, the town planners at JCA will be able to advise you on the best way to make the permit application process smoother and more productive for you. That way you can ease the burden of a long approval process along with the hidden costs that often go hand-in-hand with these delays.

If you have any questions about how a town planner can help, one meeting with the experts at JCA Land Consultants can make your path forward much clearer. So why not give us a call on 9735 4888 today so we can answer your questions.