Subdivisions Services

JCA’s subdivision team process over 350 applications, creating over 1500 lots per year. Our Subdivision team has the experience to guide you through every process as they have dealt with every type of subdivision from unit developments, built form developments, high rise development, and broad acre developments, from 2 lots to 1000 lots. The team is well versed with all council requirements as they have a close working relationship with council planners and referral authorities.

Our team has a wealth of experience and has seen every type of complex subdivision; Multi use developments and associated owners Corporations, multi-stage subdivisions and strata conversions.

JCA Land Consultants have earned their reputation as market leaders in surveying and the associated statutory documentation required for residential units, land estates and larger scale developments.

Our subdivisions services include:

Why Choose JCA Land Consultants

Clients’ needs are at the forefront of our service delivery. We pride ourselves on providing quality service and exceeding customer expectations. Our team of highly trained and specialised experts ensure excellent service delivery from project inception to completion.

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