Carrum Downs
JCA completed the design of roads, drains, sewers and water mains for this project. Stage 1 complete and stages 2 and 3 coming along.

Subdivision Administration, Title survey work and pegging. Preparation of Plan of Subdivision in titles office format, application to and liaison with Council and referral authorities for certification, initial pegging of lot boundaries prior to construction, interim pegging of boundaries for services installation, final pegging of boundaries after construction, preparation of abstract of field records and surveyors report to support registration at the titles office.

Statement of Compliance administration liaise with Council and referral authorities to obtain statement of compliance. JCA carried out the service authority administration and co-ordination including, making formal applications to the various Servicing Authorities for supply conditions, liaising with Authorities regarding requirements and reviewing requirements, forwarding to client for acceptance, facilitation of signing of Water Authority Deed, obtaining quotations from and co-ordination of telecommunications company for design services, forwarding design plans to telecommunications company for design of their services, obtaining quotations from and co-ordination of Electrical Supply Company to determine supply availability, negotiate supply contracts and prepare and obtain approved electrical design plans.

As well as the above JCA managed the design administration including forwarding design plans and computations to Servicing Authorities, client, and Council to obtain approval, negotiations with Council, resubmission of plans following Council amendments and certification of sewer and water main designs, as necessary. Obtaining quotations from and co-ordination of Geotechnical Consultant for soil testing, design of pavements, assessment of ground conditions in respect to sewer base and embedment, preparation of sewer clay backfill specifications, etc. Detail Design including design computations, levelling all works, trialling alternatives to ensure optimum design considering site constraints and Authority requirements, drafting of plans suitable for tendering and construction. New subdivision road works and stormwater drainage within site.

Earthworks shaping and filling of lots to achieve minimum falls. Reticulation Sewer mains within site with connection to existing mains. Reticulation Water mains along all new subdivision roads. Construction site management documentation required by council and preparation of construction site management plan and document in accordance with Council’s requirements.

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