31-39 Norcal Road
JCA’s engineers completed the Pavement & Drainage design plans and documentation for the 72 Lot Industrial Body Corporate Subdivision.

JCA completed a review of the background information from Client, Architect and other Consultants including obtaining locations of existing Authority services via “Dial Before You Dig” searches, inspection of site, etc. Reviewed adequacy of survey and prepared a brief for any additional survey works required to inform the civil designs; particularly relevant for any outlet works required for stormwater. JCA also reviewed Architect’s concept grading of proposed roads / driveways and turn around areas and adopted building floor levels to ensure it complied with council requirements. Preparation of preliminary road grading plans (to Engineering standards and suitable for construction) showing proposed site levels and grades.

We configured a stormwater drainage network to service all external hardstand pavements and building hydraulics and discharge to the site’s legal point of discharge whilst liaising with Council whether extensions or upgrades are required to Council’s receiving stormwater network.

Following receipt of feedback on the Preliminary Design documentation from Consultant Team, finalise the detailed design suitable for Tendering and Construction.

JCA undertook on-going liaison with the Consultant Design Team including attendance of meetings, design administration including forwarding design plans and computations to Council to obtain approval, negotiations with Council and resubmission of plans following Council amendments.  Detail Design included determining alignments, design computations, levelling all works, trailing alternatives to ensure optimum design considering site constraints and authority requirements, inspection of site to review design against site conditions, drafting of plans and allowance to attend to minor Council amendments. Works included access road/driveway and carparking spaces, Stormwater drainage network, including stormwater detention facilities as needed and compliance with all Quality Assurance requirements.

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