Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our team of over 60 dedicated staff at JCA Land Consultants are committed to professional development and keeping up-to-date with current legislation and practices. Our staff have successfully serviced most parts of Victoria, including working with majority of the Metropolitan Councils and many rural Councils.

Michael Hipfel
Trent Dorman
Anthony Ralph
Mike Dugan
Ashley Waters
Andrew Goulding
Steven Kaylock
Julie Castieau
Phil Spencer

We offer accurate and quality services efficiently, utilising our expertise in:

  • Land Surveying

  • Civil Engineering

  • Town Planning

  • Development Approvals

  • Council and Government Liaison

  • Re-zoning Submissions

  • Town Planning Appeals

  • Subdivision Assessments and Feasibility Studies

  • Land and Project Management

At JCA Land Consultants, we recognise that collaboration and communication is vital to success. We are partners with Association of Consulting Surveyors and Association of Land Development Engineers and we are accredited with Water Authorities, Melbourne Water and VicRoads.